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Our Story

Station Bar Santé was founded by a team of like-minded folks that love active lifestyles (we are all members of the neighbouring gym TriForce and/ or the Tai Chi Kung Fu Centre!) and bringing people together. Naturally, we are true foodies at heart that enjoy delicious, wholesome items that are good for us AND good for our local and global community. 

We are looking forward to having you! 




Sergio Arione


A burning passion for spreading love, health and happiness to his community is at the core of all Sergio does. He is also the founder and head teacher of the Roxboro Communty Center.

The Dream Team

Key Players

Anne-Marie Aubert

Graphic Designer

Carole Laflamme

Social Event Coordinator

Fiona Beaudoin

Community Garden Coordinator

Alexa  Karvounis

Social Media Wizard



Volunteer Organizer

2020-07-26 18.32.22.jpg


How does it work?

At the moment, we are 100% volunteer-run. We have our head volunteers that are each responsible for a portion of operation and look forward to welcoming new volunteers to lend their skills, time and ideas for 2-4 hours each week. All volunteers get the member prices! Email us at to learn more about how you can get involved!

We have needs for cooks to whip up our recipes (or offer some new ones!), dishwashers, cleaners, social event organizers/ executers, gardeners, and more.

What are you all about?

We are passionate about breaking the barrier to a healthier lifestyle, that's why a group of members from the non-profits TriForce (gym) and Tai Chi Kung Fu Center banded together to bring affordable, nourishing foods to our community.

Food that is good for us should be good for the environment too. All of our take-out containers and packaging are 100% compostable. We also choose to support local and Canadian producers for 80% of our ingredient list, changing our menu to accommodate the in-season produce. In the works to further our efforts are dine-in hours and a bring your own container program

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